Paul Simpson PT
June 1, 2017

Second Largest Population for Overweight and Obesity

Today’s modern lifestyle has had an extremely detrimental effect on the population’s health with all of the fast food outlets, highly processed foods and rush rush rush attitude towards meal preparation and content. This has resulted in Europe being the second largest continent in relation to a number of overweight and obese population.

Eating More Food Than We Need

Around 30 years ago we ate approximately 200kilograms of food per year. This food consisted of fresh meats, fresh seasonable vegetables and salads, which gave the body all of the nutrients it needed to sustain a healthy diet and give the muscles the energy it required to stay fit. Today we eat around 50% more, that’s 300kilograms of food!!! and guess what!!

Fast and Processed Foods

The majority of the population eat fast food, high sugar foods and highly processed foods, which are mostly lacking in the raw nutrients we so desperately need for a healthy lifestyle. Many foods have added chemicals, salt and much worse, just to keep the “fresh” (fresh, really!!!), but mainly to keep them on the shelves of our supermarkets for longer to generate lower losses and increased profit. Next time you are buying some ‘fresh’ produce think about whether that product would grow naturally at this time of year in our climate.

Make Smarter Food Choices

I am not saying we should all go back to growing our own produce, but just put some thought into what you do buy and how you can improve your own health by cooking fresh produce and cutting out some of the processed food.

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