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Paul Simpson PT

A little about me!

I come from a background where my own eating was very poor with far too much fast food and high sugar food, which resulted in me reaching 16.5stone in 2014.


It finally clicked!

I finally realised I needed to make some serious changes in my lifestyle having battle for many years with excess weight. I was constantly the focus of weight related jokes etc in my work place and although I didn’t pay much attention to the jokes I knew as I got older in years I needed to do something to reach a healthier me.


Find a way that works for you.
I had known about Herbalife Nutrition, through a family member, for a few years but had never looked into its health benefits, but having tried just about every diet in the world I thought I would have a closer look. I was so glad that I did and these products have changed my life forever, both in relation to weight management and sporting performance.

In 2015 I reached my target weight of 13.5stone and buy this time was training harder and smarter than I had ever done. I took up running, which I had always struggled with due to an old back injury, and was overwhelmed with how the weight loss and training had helped my back problem to the point where I was pain free.



Dedication and Passion

I then dedicated my running to raising money for Cancer Research UK in memory of my late parents who had both
died as a result of Cancer. I set myself a goal to run 5 half marathons in 2016 to raise much needed fund. For this CRUK gave me a charity place in the Great North Run and asked me to raise £400. Having never run a half marathon before I set a goal of doing them all in under 2 hours each. I was amazed at hard I trained and not only smashed the time in the first one in Cambridge with 1:47:47, but went on to run the final half in Peterborough with a personal best time of 1:43:15.




2017 Challenge

I then needed a new challenge so decided to keep up the training and applied for the London Marathon. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in the ballot but CRUK were kind enough to offer me a place to run for them in the Brighton Marathon on 9th April 2017. This was my first ever full marathon and I was very pleased to complete the 26.2 mile course in 4:11:19. My next challenge will be to achieve a sub 4hour race. Onwards and upwards.


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